Truck - Driver & Vehicle reporting for 10p per week - Driver & Vehicle reporting for 10p per week

Useful to the Public, good for Fleets, here's why... offers members of the public the opportunity to report both good and bad driving, parking, and indeed, anything that you may wish to bring to an employers or fleet managers attention, regarding their vehicles or drivers. is a self explanatory, easy to use vehicle / driver reporting system that has several advantages over the telephone versions currently available.


  • No 10 digit telephone and reference number to remember or try to write down whilst driving.
  • No temptation to try and dial the number while still following the vehicle
  • Only serious reports will be logged, once time has lapsed (cooling off period) to get 'on-line', less serious reports will probably not be made.
  • Just remember the registration number.
  • Option to leave contact details for feedback.
  • Fleet administrator authorised to maintain records.
  • You create and provide your own stickers to match existing livery.  It just has to say ''

A stand alone initiative, or benificial addition to ANY Driver Training or Monitoring Programme

So HOW MUCH will it cost your company to be part of report-me

Each registration number entered into the report-me databease will only cost £5.20 (Plus VAT) for a 12 month period.


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Unhappy with someones driving.......MAKE YOUR REPORT HERE

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