Truck - Driver & Vehicle reporting for 10p per week - Driver & Vehicle reporting for 10p per week



Due to the low annual cost of this service, NO refunds will be offered against purchases once payment has been confirmed.


Please make sure you are only purchasing the number of credits you need, or may need, as once processed, no money will be refunded!


Please note that any deregistered vehicles will not be eligable to partial refunds for time remaining in the 12 month registration period.


Duration of service: will continue to report on all active registrations while remaining in the 12 month registration period.  Automatic reminders will be issued to customers near the end of the registration period, offering continuation of the service following payment of another 12 months. 


Should a customer dispose of a vehicle registered to the system, they should remove the registration number from their database within report-me (the vehicle sticker should also be removed prior to disposal)

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